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Provide all kinds of customized Invisible Hair Tape Extensions service for customers. Better quality of human hair and longer life of human hair.

100% Virgin Hair, No Tangle, No Shedding, No Smell, Thick End, Smooth.

Express Shipping By FedEx/ DHL/ UPS Within 2-5 Days

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Details of Russian Invisible Hair Tape Extensions Factory

Note: 2.5g/piece, 40pieces/pack

Pictures for your reference only, please kindly contact us if need more details, thanks

About Us

Niagara Hair Factory which has own brand of human hair extensions for more than 20 years, provide all kindly of customized hair extensions service for customers. Better quality of human hair and longer life of human hair.

Product range: human hair bundles, clip in hair extensions, hand tied weft extensions, i tip hair extensions, ponytail hair, best tape in hair extensions, u tip hair extensions, mini tape in hair extensions, invisible tape in hair extensions, lgbt human hair extensions, rainbow human hair extensions, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, etc.

Innovation, flexibility and reliability which have been built during the last twenty years.

Human Hair Extension Wholesale Factory And Welcome To Join Us!

How To Identify The Quality of Human Hair Extensions?

Knowledge of The Hair



  • Factory price directly which could keep competitive price for you all the time
  • Large of stock of hair bulk to keep the price steady
  • All kinds of customized service for customers
  • Skilled workers and Produce Manger to keep the better quality
  • Efficient work to keep the good lead time for customers
  • Fast delivery with our own freight agency, also could provide drop shipping service
  • Full porduct rang

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order of Russian Invisible Tape Extensions Human Hair Factory

Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it, and then normally it could last longer than 1 year.

  Hair Item WIGEYELASHAIR™ Russian Invisible Hair Tape Extensions Factory
Hair Features 1. 100% Human Hair

2. 100% Cuticle Aligned Hair

3. 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair

4. 100% Healthy Hair from Young Girls

5. 100% Directly Factory Price

6. No Chemical, No Shedding, No Tangle,No Smell

7. Shiny, Smooth, Silky, Luxurious Hair

8. Can be Bleached and Dyed all Colors

9. Double Weft

Hair Color Natural Color, #613, #2, #4, 1B/27, 1B/30, 1B/99J, 1B/Gray etc.
Hair Texture Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Kinky Curly, Jerry Curly, Loose Wave, Loose Deep
Egg Curl, Water Wave, Kinky Straight, Funmi.
– Please Inquiry for Custom Texture & Color.
Hair Type Virgin Hair, Cuticle Aligned Hair, Lace Wig, Brazilian Hair, Hair Bundles, Hair Extension
Hair Length 8-40 inch
Hair Weft Double Machine Weft
Hair Quality 100% Virgin Hair, No Tangle, No Shedding, No Smell, Thick End, Smooth.
Delivery Express Shipping By FedEx/ DHL Within 2-5 Days
Advantage Can Be Dyed, Styled, Bleached, Permed, Factory Price, Thick Ends, Smooth


Customer Reviews (4.67)

(132 customer reviews)

132 reviews for Invisible Hair Tape Extensions Factory

  1. Rosanna Stamm

  2. Kaleigh Rempel

    Very fast delivery

  3. Scottie Lowe

  4. Jettie Zulauf

    I never received my parcel, the delivery man was contacted and supposedly I should be refunded off to date except to pay for nothing in return I did not have anything. Be careful this seller and their delivery man are really not serious do not be snatched!!

  5. Macy Hammes

  6. Celia Witting

  7. Cathrine Nitzsche

  8. Domenick Hackett

    I order the second time, the quality is good.

  9. Mathilde Bogisich

    I really am very happy, very fast the product, it won’t take two weeks I think, excellent quality I still need to wear the but I know they will look good, thanks are very attentive bring a gift a cintillo Excellent, I’ll buy more because I missed but no complaints good product

  10. Carmel Blanda

    The seller and very bad game, the product was stolen, sent all the evidence for it, and yet he helped. Lost Customer. L, because had to wait time open dispute.

  11. Samanta Daugherty

  12. Raegan Harber

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  13. Raegan Harber

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  14. Raegan Harber

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  15. Raegan Harber

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  16. Raegan Harber

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  17. Raegan Harber

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  18. Raegan Harber

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  19. Raegan Harber

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  20. Raegan Harber

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  21. Raegan Harber

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  22. Raegan Harber

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  23. Raegan Harber

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  24. Pasquale Hilpert

  25. Kailyn Greenfelder

  26. Milton Walker

    Well, I’ll tell you… I ordered my hair here for the first time and I liked them. The color coincided perfectly. Took 20 PCs For a thick visochnaya part (for more that would not have enough). The tail is very small, from the bottom is fat, so you need to take more authentic and cut the bottom. After washing it turned out that the hairs are wavy, but the iron is leveled very well. Separately about the seller: Super! I have not met such a attentive person yet. Immediately specified the address, sent very quickly and still sent a photo of the contents of the parcel. Recommend! She carried her hair for a month, they were in normal condition, did not spoil and did not part. It’s very hard to remove, stuck deliberately. Once again, I did not increase, because. Burned…

  27. Johann Ferry