The Best Human Hair Topper

From the data shown in google from 2004 to now, more and more people need human hair toppers, there are so many types of hair toppers, how to choose the best one for you, how many kinds of toppers, how to care them, why need to care them, what the pros and cons are, how to buy human hair pieces for women, where to buy human hair clip in toppers, we will make it clear for you in this blog, hope could help you!

What is human hair toppers:

has a large base which can provide you with enough volume and coverage, which is ideal for those in the progressive and advanced stages of hair loss.

How many kinds of human hair toppers & difference:

Lace top hair toppers, mono hair topper, silk base topper, single silk toppers, double silk topper, silk weft topper, Custom Human Hair Toppers

The difference is the base and process, for the base is the material, silk, mono, weft or others, for the process is the way out through the hair, for example, the single silk toppers, only out through the long hair and the folded end short hair not, but for the double one, both out through, that is why the single one is more expensive than double one, because the process of double one is more complicated.

What the pros and cons are:

The pros of human hair topper women

  • Allows you to style the pieces and just like your own hair with beauty, could be heat-styled by salon or yourself, get the curly and colorful hair easily.
  • Most of them are human hair clip in toppers, that is to say, easy to apply with clips.
  • For the length, you could choose any you want, mostly from 8 inches to 30 inches.
  • For the sizes, also have many sizes to meet your needs, 4*4 inches, 5*6 inches, 6*7 inches, 7*7 inches, etc.
  • No damage to your own hair compared with other hair extensions
  • They are reusable, that is why you should care them well to keep long lasting work for you

The cons of human hair topper women

  • Too many kinds to choose the best one for you including the style, sizes, length and cost
  • Should maintain the all the time as your own hair, will be tangle if not care them well—same as your own hair.

How to maintain the remy human hair topper:

Wash it once per week if wear it everyday, slightly more than once per wekk if you are sweating heavily

One point need to note, should work with good quality shampoo and conditioner when you care them.

What is the best place to buy human hair toppers?

Will be better if you could contact the professional factory directly which have skilled workers to keep the best quality for you.

Hope could try to work with our factory, at Niagara Human Hair Factory, could customize everything from the color, length, sizes, and texture.

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