Mini Tape-In Human Hair Extensions: The Most Flawless Install On The Planet

We know these can seem scary, right? Like, won’t they damage the hair? How will I take them off? Can I get them wet? There’s a lot of questions surrounding these, especially among people with curly and coily hair types because they’re just starting to become popular in our communities. Today, we’re here to demystify mini tape-in hair extensions, so that you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether these would be the right for you.

What Exactly Are Mini Tape In Human Hair Extensions?

Tape-in human hair extensions are small strips of hair with a tape or glue tab at the top that is used to attach them to one’s hair. A thin section of your own hair is sandwiched between 2 tape-in extensions during installation. They are most popular for providing the flattest/ most seamless installs possible.

Mini tape-in extensions and traditional tape-ins function the same way. The only difference is size. Mini tape-ins are less than 2 inches wide. Because they’re so small, these will allow more versatility when styling and greatly reduce the chances that one will see your extension.

How Long Do Mini Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Last?

You can safely keep your mini tape-in extensions in for 2 months at a time before you need to reinstall them. The reason for this is because of how the extensions are installed, your new growth won’t be able to move much and can start to matt or lock. However, you can install them about 3 times, so you can expect 6 months out of your mini tape-ins.

Mini Tape Hair Extensions

Mini Tape Hair Extensions

Can You Get Your Mini Tape In Human Hair Extensions Wet?

Yes, you can, but try to avoid this until 48-72 hours after your installation. Even then, we’d advise you not to get the hair soaking wet aside from occasional shampooing. Activities like swimming can cause a lot of tangling on your extensions. You can minimize this by braiding your hair before swimming with it, but the best option would be to put on a swimming cap.

Pros and Cons of Mini Tape-Ins?


Extremely Flat Install

Mini tape-in hair extensions offer you the flattest install possible. Because of how thin they are, once installed, they’re virtually undetectable. If you’re looking for the most undetectable install, it doesn’t get any better than tape-ins.

Great for Thin or Fine Hair

Because mini tape-in extensions aren’t bulky, the install will look very flat and natural. This is gold because this means they’re the least likely to be noticed on people with fine or thin hair. They’re also fairly lightweight and have a gentle install and takedown process (as long as they’re done properly).

Tip: If you want an even more natural install, try our invisible tape-in extensions. The tape on these extensions is made to look like a scalp with the hair growing out of them, so they are very difficult to spot. Click here to shop our invisible tape-in extensions.

Invisible Hair Tape Extensions

Invisible Tape Hair

Don’t Have to Keep Reinstalling Them

This method is semi-permanent, meaning you can keep these in for a length of time rather than having to install them again every day like clip-ins. These are a great option for someone who wants to look good but doesn’t want to have to do her hair every day.


Mini tape-in hair extensions can be reused. In fact, on average, you can get 3 installs out of the same set of mini tape-ins. The best part is the process is fairly simple. You’ll just have to peel off the glue strips that are currently in place and then wash the extensions. Once dry, you’ll then place brand new tape strips. Voila! You’re now ready to reinstall your mini tape-in hair extensions.

Super Comfortable and Lightweight

These are so comfy! See, during installation, mini tape-in hair extensions have to be installed about ¼ inch away from your scalp. This means that from the jump, your extensions won’t be uncomfortably tight, and they’ll have some movement to them. If they’re installed loose enough, you’ll even be able to put your hair up in a ponytail the same day they’re done.

Quick Install and Removal

Both the installation and takedown of mini tape-ins are about 2 hours. While you do need help, preferably from a trained hairstylist, to install these, the process itself isn’t very complex. Care does have to be taken on placement and removal of the hair though because if you don’t, you risk tangling, shedding, and slippage of your hair extensions.


They’re Pricey

Tape-ins are almost always the most pricey option in the semi-permanent hair extensions space.

Have to Reduce the Oils, Sulfates, and Alcohols in Your Hair Routine

When you have tape extensions installed in your hair, avoid applying products containing oils, alcohol, sulfates, and ethanol near the root of your hair. If either of those touches the tape, they can loosen the bond, which will cause your extensions to slip out of your hair.

Have to Retape to Reuse

Once you get your tape-in extensions removed, you can use them again as long as you change the tape on every tape-in extension. This process isn’t difficult, but it is one more thing you have to do to maintain them.

How Do You Take Down Your Mini Tape In Human Hair Extensions?

The glue in your tape-ins is weakened by oils and solvents such as acetone and alcohol. So you’ll start off the process by applying a commercial remover, an oil, or acetone to just the glue section of the tape-ins. Then work that into the tape strip with your fingers. Let that sit and continue to break down the adhesive for at least 15 minutes. Once that’s through, gently pry the tape-in extension on top of the hair off. From there, it should be easy to remove both tape-ins by gently tugging on them. They should slide right out of the hair.

This process isn’t painful when done carefully. So don’t worry about it damaging your hair.

Got any questions about mini tape-in extensions that we haven’t answered? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

In the meantime, check out our wide variety of traditional-size tape-in hair extensions and our mini tape in human hair extensions. They are available in many different textures, lengths, and colors, all made with virgin hair. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you want some customization done on your order.

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