Details of how to install i tip fusion hair extensions

Tools we need before work: silicone beads, latch hook, micro extension pliers, handheld mirror, a rat tail comb and come duckbill clips

I Tip Human Hair Factory

I Tip Human Hair Factory

Step one: parting off a little section of hair which the area you want to get thicker, build clip to pin that up, make it easier to connect the i tip hair extensions

Step two: take one silicone bead with latch hook, then take a little bit of hair, hook the latch and round your hair then move the bead down

Step three: put the i tip hair extension in the silicone bead

Step four: clamp the micro bead with the pliers

Step five: check with the handheld mirror, and keep everything goes well.

For the others, same as step one to step five, until finish all i tip human hair extensions.

That is all steps of How To Install I Tip Hair Extensions, any other help, kindly contact us!

I Tip Human Hair Factory

I Tip Human Hair Factory

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