Details of  the Difference Between Wigs and Hairpieces

The main difference between wigs and hair piecesis the amount of coverage.

Wigs cover the entire scalp. You can put it on as needed, tuck in your hair and go! Style your wig in
various ways and add different depth or color as needed.

Lace front wig sew-in provides an extremely natural look matching your current hairline making it very hard to detect.

Hair pieces are customized to your hair, filling in thinning and/or balding areas providing
a fuller look. The various types depend on the area that you need focus on: hair toppers,
hair extensions, hair pieces and volumizers.

Hair pieces can be styled with your current hair,with different thickness and can also be perfectly color matched. In order to
obtain a seamless integration, it is important that you select the correct length, and typeof hair (curly, straight, wavy) to match yours.

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