Nano Ring Hair Extensions: What are they, How to Wear and Maintain Them & Much More

There are so many types of human hair extensions out there, and it can feel like there’s a new one out every time you go to the salon. Nano ring hair extensions are one of them. If you’re wondering what they are, how to maintain them, what the pros and cons are, and the best place to get yourself some, especially wholesale, then please stay tuned.

First off, What are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

Nano rings hair extensions are made by taking extremely small sections of hair, often less than 1g per piece, and bonding those into a small weft. The hair extensions are then attached to the client’s hair using a very small ring called a nano ring. Your own hair is pulled into the nano ring and then the hair extension is placed on your hair so that the bonded section of the weft is inside the nano ring. Once those are all lined up to you or your stylist’s satisfaction, the nano ring is then clamped shut using pliers.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions vs. Micro Ring/ Micro Bead/ Micro Link Hair Extensions: Are They Different?

While the process used to construct micro and nano ring hair extensions is the same, they are different in size. Nano ring hair extensions can be 90% smaller than micro ring hair extensions, making them a great option for a more seamless, lightweight install. So they may be a good option if you have thin or fine hair or want a virtually undetectable installation.

micro ring hair

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Tip: You’ve probably also heard of micro loop hair extensions and might be wondering what those are. Don’t worry though, micro loop hair extensions are literally just micro ring hair extensions with a metal or plastic loop attached. This tab or loop makes it much easier to pull your hair into the micro ring, making the installation process go a whole lot faster. All of our micro ring hair extensions come with loops or tabs. If you’re interested, you can shop our micro ring hair extensions here.

Thick End Nano Ring Virgin Hair

Thick End Nano Ring Virgin Hair

What are the Pros and Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

The Pros of Nano Ring Hair Extensions

  1. They Provide a Seamless Install

As we hinted at earlier, nano ring hair extensions are very small in size making them virtually indetectable if installed correctly.

Tip: Make sure to leave enough hair out around the perimeter during installation. If you install the tips too close to the hairline, especially if they are a lighter color than your roots, you’ll be able to see the nano rings while styling the hair.

  1. They Are Extremely Lightweight

The exact weight may vary per manufacturer, but nano ring hair extensions weighing less than 1g are quite common. Because they are so light, these cause less tension on the hair and scalp, making them a good option if you have a sensitive scalp or have fine or thin hair.

  1. They Don’t Require the Use of Heat or Glue to Install

Unlike some other forms of hair extensions like k-tips or tape extensions, the installation of nano hair rings doesn’t require heat. This prevents you from suffering damage from the heat being applied to your hair. It also doesn’t use any glue or glue-like substances to attach the extension to your hair, making it much easier to take out of your hair.

  1. They are Reusable

Because the extensions are mechanically attached, it’s easy to loosen the nano rings that hold the hair extensions in place and readjust or reinstall as needed.

  1. They are Pretty Long-lasting

A set of good-quality human hair nano ring extensions can last you for months! The average life span is 6 to 9 months with proper care. Talk about bang for your buck!

Now, to the Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions:

  1. They are a Bit on the Pricier Side

Similar to other smaller human hair extensions available on the market, such as micro ring hair extensions, these cost more to buy and install than other forms such as weaves or clip-ins.

  1. You’ll Have to Avoid or Minimize Using Oils Near Your Roots

Oils moisturize your hair and add shine and slip to your strands, which is great. But when you have nano ring hair extensions, they can quickly become your enemy. If you get a lot of oil at the base of your nano ring, this could provide enough slip that your extensions can loosen and even fall out altogether. So tread lightly on the oils and creams.

  1. Without Proper Care, Your Hair Can Tangle at The Base of The Nano Ring

Nano ring hair extensions require some maintenance, and if you delay these maintenance appointments, you could end up with tangling and even matting where your new growth meets the nano ring. So we advise that you should get a touch up done every 5-8 weeks just to make sure that your hair doesn’t  get damaged in the process.

How to Maintain Nano Ring Hair Extensions

If you want to keep a flawless install, there are two ways to go about maintaining them. You can either get the nano ring hair extensions refit or redo them altogether. Try and make sure that you have this done every 5-8 weeks.

For the refit, your hairstylist will loosen the nano rings, pull your new growth through the ring, readjust the hair extension and press the nano ring shut again. For a redo, your stylist will open the nano rings, take them out of the hair, comb your hair, and even wash it, then reposition the nano ring on your strands.

What’s the Best Place to Buy Nano Hair Extensions?

Shameless plug loading… You’re at the best place to get your nano hair extensions. And we’re not just saying this because it’s us.

At Niagarahair, you get 100% virgin/unprocessed human hair directly from the factory, so you can customize everything from the color, length, and texture. Once your order is done, we ship through DHL or FedEx, so your package gets to you in 2-5 business days.

You can shop our wide selection of Nano Ring Hair Extensions here.

Any questions about nano ring hair extensions? Feel free to leave us a comment or message us on our live chat, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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