Deatils of  6D2 hair extensions

Lots of people hear of 6D often these year and knew it very hot but know little about it, then i write this blog, hope could help you, also welcome contact us for more hair extensions exchange.

Maybe you know the nano ring hair extensions, micro loop ring hair extensions, you could think 6D is the superior of them.

6D hair extensions is a method to connect the hair extensions with you hair and growing popularity several years, because the quicker way to finish the full head hair extensions for you, 20 minutes around,even less.

Most of customers love full head hair extensions directly, for full head, 200 strands normally to get very good effect for you.

dark auburn brown 6D2 human hair extensions

Why called 6D?

You could know it further with another name, six dimensional extensions, which could attach many strands at same time, and save lots of time for you

6D hair extensions including first generation and second generation, difference is the apply when you connect the hair
6D1 hair extensions: 10 strands(rows)/set
6D2 hair extensions: 5 strands(rows)/set

The weight of 6D1 hair extensions tool is half of 6D2 hair extensions tool, and it is easier to work for women.

Will the 6D hair extensions damage you hair?

The answer is no, because there is not any chemical, tape, or heat when work with them, and very easy to remove which the pliers when you break the bonds made by the adhesive.

black 6D deep curly human hair extensions

How long will the 6D last?

One of the reason which win more and more praise is the period. It can last longer than most of other extensions, and could sleep with them, also no need go to salon again, that is to say you could get permanent length and volume to your hair.

That is to say, 8 months to 1 year depend on your care of them.

Process when attach 6D to your hair:

  1. separate small layer (approximate 5 cm width and thickness of 0.5 to 1cm) of your hair
  2. Put them into slot of hair extensions tool
  3. Press and hold the hair extensions tool tightly and pull out the plastic connector
  4. Break the plastic, make it easy to remove it and keep invisible, seamless effect.

6D2 Hair Extension Machine

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