Micro Loop Hair Extensions will not damage your hair if keep well.

Micro hair extensions, also named micro ring hair extensions, one of the most popular hair extensions, no glue, wax, tape or chemistry, good way to improve the length and volume of your hair, feel natural with them, lightweight and soft, also could customized texture, color, length.

Better choice compared with other regular hair extensions, like hand tied weft extensions, secret tape in hair extensions, hello hair extensions, etc.

Normally need three hours to apply if you need full head extensions, also could choose three-quarter or half head which will be much less time for you.

For the period, will be four to six months, you could keep you hair healthy during this time, maybe slip if too long time, the micro ring slip from the hair roots or get out of shape, then damage you hair.

Will the micro loop hair extensions will damage your hair? The answer is no if you could follow the period told you and will maintain your hair well, any other questions, also could leave message to us, then the hairdresser will answer you soon.

How to work with it as long as possible? The answer is that treat them as your own hair, comb them in time, keep clean of them, also get out of the hair which slip down, wash them two to three time per week, keep dry from the root thoroughly.

micro loop hair extensions

micro loop hair extensions

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